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Chef Alana Shock on the Death of Fine Dining (Columbus Business First)kale and pumpkin panzanella

“She hasn’t just seen it all. She’s picked it, chopped it, sauteed it and served it with a nice, full-bodied red. Shock has been on the front lines of a Columbus dining scene that has grown from bland flyover country to underrated off-the-radar food town in the eyes of non-locals.”

Restaurant Review: Alana’s Food and Wine (Columbus Monthly)

“I guess, in the end, that’s what I like about Alana’s. Yes, it’s fine dining. Then again, Spongebob Squarepants is among the decor. There’s an irreverence to the place—as spirited as a cafe in the French Quarter, as kitschy as a Tabasco tie.
As we shuffled out the door, Shock could be seen at one of the cocktail tables having an end-of-shift glass of wine, all her guests fed, all her surprises revealed. It was like leaving a friend’s house.”

Restaurant Review: Savor the Day at Alana’s (Columbus Alive)

“A simple salad transformed into something special via just-picked lettuces and the best tomatoes I’ve eaten this season — summer sun trapped inside slabs of juicy red and gold Ohio fruit. Uncommon, white-fleshed ivory salmon — its crust crackly as pork rinds — draped in rich aioli and partnered with oyster mushrooms plus fluffy quinoa. A locally sourced, vibrant vegetable curry better than what you get in many excellent Indian restaurants.”

Crave 10: #7 – Alana’s Food and Wine (Crave)

What’s not to love about Alana’s Food and Wine? Year after year the quirkiness and creativity from chef Alana Shock never fades. It’s the one place you could eat at daily and never have the same dish twice…

Restaurant Review: Alana’s an eclectic treat for locavores and wine lovers (Columbus Dispatch)

“The 15-year-old trailblazing restaurant in the University District had a passion for the locavore movement long before most Columbus residents grasped the wisdom of supporting Ohio farmers. Its meticulously curated ingredients inject vibrancy into the genre-hopping, globe-trotting and daily-changing cuisine dreamed up by chef Alana Shock. “